New Cannon is coming ! 20" Staggered

New Cannon is coming ! 20" Staggered

Posted by WheelsAPE Wheel Team on 18th Mar 2020

PDXX- The featured wheels Powered By WheelsAPE

We've been trying to find those classic designs.

Let those designs return to their original glory as time goes by.

That's why we've brought a selection of products from the Wheelsape line-PDXX.

Let the selected PDXX wheels and your ride return to glory together.

Wheel Name: Cannon

Front Size:  20x8.5  |  5x120 

Offset: P29 (HSV Brake Clearance) / P43

Rear Size: 20x9.5  | 5x120 |

Offset: P43 / P52 

It is only available to WheelsAPE Dealers in Australia and New Zealand

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