In, everything you purchase is sent directly from the manufactory as we guaranteed. No middleman, no trading company in between. Just 7 steps to get this done!


STEP 1: Select the product options

Make sure to select all the required options, which include FITMENT, OFFSET, SIZE, FINISH and QUANTITY. After that, click on the 'ADD TO CART' button.




STEP 2: Check again and go to checkout

A checkout box will appear. You can check the product details again and if there's no problem click 'PROCEED TO CHECKOUT'.



STEP 3: Fill in a new billing address

To get the billing details, your address information is required as below. Choose 'I want to use a new billing address' and fill in all the information. When it's done, click 'BILL & SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS'.

You can also choose to use an existing billing address as long as your information is already recorded in the account.




STEP 4: Choose your shipping method

Please note: all the prices are F.O.B. They include the cost of the local freight  and customs paperwork in China (the freight to the port of NINGBO only).  step-4.png


STEP 5: Confirm your order information again and choose how you'd like to pay for your order.

Look through all the information and make sure it is correct. Then choose the payment method.

If you have any additional requirements, feel free to write them down in the 'Order Instructions/Comments'. We will check it.

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Then click 'CONTINUE'.


STEP 7: Pay the balance


Done! The products are coming to you on the way !


You can simply explore all the products that we have on the list.

Please note: most of them are shown as mould availability, it takes time to produce them in the manufactory.